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30e Anniversaire

30e Anniversaire

Camden is celebrating our 30th anniversary with a bold new look, the introduction of a whole new range of industry leading products and a renewed commitment to be your first choice for door locking, activation and control solutions.

We’ve come a long way in 30 years. Camden started with a vision to manufacture the very best key switches and push/exit buttons, backed by the best warranty. Today, Camden offers more switch models than all our competitors combined, and lead the market with exclusive touchless switch and wireless technology you can’t find anywhere else!

30 years ago, Camden started by offering select door activation devices. Today, Camden is also the professional’s choice for door controllers, locking products, including an incredible new range of electric strikes, and access control panels. Beyond devices, Camden is now expanding our technical services to package our exclusive products in turn-key system/project solutions.

But some things will never change. Camden continues to design and manufacture virtually all of the products that carry our name, we continue to offer the responsiveness that is only possible from a privately owned and independent manufacturer, and our customer service will always be second to none!

"Opening New Doors to Innovation, Quality and Support!"


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